How does your pricing system work?

We distribute our materials on a sliding-scale donation basis. You'll notice, for example, that you have the option of donating $10, $15 or $20 for a paper FTAA poster, and $3, $4 or $5 for a True Cost of Coal patch. We do this because we want everyone to have access to our materials, regardless of their financial situation.

Since the beginning we've made it a priority to give away about half of every print run of posters we do for free, especially to the the people who live in regions affected by the issues we portray. Your donations allow us to continue being so open-handed with the art we make.

How soon will my order be shipped?

Please understand that we are a very small, all-volunteer artists collective. We run our webstore distro out of a room in our collective house - luckily, we live just two doors up from the post office, but sometimes we just don't have the capacity to fill webstore orders as soon as they come in. We do our best to ship within one week of order placement - but when we are backlogged, orders can take 2-4 weeks to ship out. You will receive an email to confirm your order has been placed, and you will receive another email once your order is in the mail.

Shipping can also be delayed when we are out of stock of a certain item, or if you've ordered anything on fabric and we're waiting for a shipment from our printer.

For those ordering outside of the United States, please allow an additional two weeks of shipping time.

If you need faster shipping, especially if you are ordering something for a time-sensitive event, class, or project, please email or call us, and we'll do our best to expedite orders!

How do you ship?

We ship through USPS. Our default shipping within the US for posters is Media Mail, which takes a little longer but really saves on shipping costs! Default shipping for international poster orders is First Class Package International. If you want your order to ship Priority Mail to ensure a speedier delivery, just let us know, either before or after you place your order. We'll update the shipping cost and let you know what the difference is.

Default shipping for patches and fabric posters is First-Class Mail; larger banners ship in Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes.

Have a unique order, or prefer to use a check? Get in touch via webstore(@)beehivecollective.org or call us at 207.669.4117