Projecte Uter Poster


We are excited to announce Projecte Uter, a collaborative graphic inspired by the Beehive, and produced in Spain!

Projecte Uter is an independently coordinated graphic produced and performed by Carles G.O’D and Tonina Matamalas, who began working on the image together in 2014, amidst debate in Spain regarding the government's intention to reform the law that allows women to access safe and legal abortion.

As the project started evolving in depth and magnitude, involving many more voices in its production, the story grew... taking into consideration the forces, the thoughts and the mechanisms that rule over people’s bodies. The result is a map of these complexities and a beautiful visual howl for sexual and reproductive freedom.

You can donate here to receive one of these gorgeous one color 27" x 39" prints on heavyweight paper sent to us by our friends in Spain! Each poster is accompanied by a narrative booklet that guides the viewer through the scenes of the poster's story. You can also view and download the booklet here:

And great news! Carles and Tonina are bringing Projecte Uter on tour in the United States in the Spring/Summer of 2018! Their illustrated presentations have been touring extensively in Europe, and we're thrilled for the opportunity to host them here soon. If you would like to request a presentation in your town, please contact them directly at

For more information about this project, visit